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Introducing Adam Davis Law Firm

-August 4, 2022-

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you know, my legal career has developed over the past several years at one of the region's largest law firms. I was fortunate in that my legal practice dovetailed with my background as a licensed merchant mariner on the Mississippi River and focused in the areas of admiralty and maritime law, as well as civil litigation.

To that end, I am excited to announce the opening of the Adam Davis Law Firm, which will continue serving clients in the above areas, as well as allow me to branch out to other areas of law that I enjoy.

The opportunity to begin my own firm and serve clients in various practice areas including civil litigation, maritime and mariner defense issues was something that I always aspired to achieve.

Please check out my website at to learn more about the firm and get in touch with me at (985) 705-1028 or for additional information.

Adam Davis Law Firm has offices in New Orleans and Abita Springs. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for updates on the law and news about the firm.

I am ready to get to work and appreciate your support.




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