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Mariners are getting calls from Coast Guard investigators concerning onboard harassment claims

Attention Mariners!

Merchant Mariners are now getting calls from USCG Investigators concerning onboard harassment claims.

Urgent Update: The USCG is taking a strong stance against harassment with the enforcement of 46 U.S. Code § 10104. Immediate reporting of harassment, sexual harassment, or sexual assault is now mandatory.

The consequences are serious, ranging from warnings to license revocation and even criminal. What once was a human resource issue is now under USCG investigation. Every harassment report on a vessel, no matter the severity, is now subject to U.S. Coast Guard investigation if your company complies with this new regulation.

Adam Davis Law Firm has successfully guided mariners through these challenges. If the USCG calls you concerning a harassment allegation onboard, don't face it alone. You should contact an experienced maritime attorney immediately. Mariners are free to reach out to us at or (504) 553-1435 for support and guidance.

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