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Adam Davis Law Firm Provides Merchant Mariner Credential and TWIC Support Services

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Merchant Mariner Credential and TWIC Support Services:

We assist mariners in preparing and submitting their USCG credential applications. This service is available to mariners who prefer the added assurance and convenience of having professional representation. In addition, we provide TWIC support such as with TWIC card applications.

Mariners may assume that since we are a law firm that we are more expensive to work with than other organizations. However, it is just the opposite. For instance, the cost to work with us on a basic renewal application is just $300.

We have experience, and an efficient administration to make the process as simple as possible.

One-on-One Support:

The firm offers one-on-one license consulting to mariners who have questions or concerns related to the credentialing process. This personalized assistance can be valuable for mariners navigating the application requirements.

Third-Party Representation:

Adam Davis Law Firm acts as a third-party representative throughout the USCG application process. This means that the firm handles the application on behalf of the mariner and communicates with the USCG as needed.

Application Monitoring:

The firm actively monitors the progress of mariners' applications and follows up with the USCG to provide any additional information required. This ensures that the application process proceeds smoothly.

Immediate Legal Support:

In the event of a maritime incident or if mariners have any legal questions or concerns, they are already connected with us. At any point they can pick up the phone and have an experienced attorney to talk to for support. The firm specializes in mariner defense in the forms of vessel allisions, vessel collisions and mariner personal injury, providing legal support and guidance as needed.

Overall, we offer comprehensive services to support mariners in their credential applications and, if necessary, in dealing with legal issues related to maritime incidents. This support can provide peace of mind and assistance to mariners throughout their careers. Please give us a call at 504.553.1435 or email us at to get connected and receive free consultation.


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