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Mariner Defense

Are you or your employee submitting a merchant mariner credential application to the National Maritime Center or involved in a marine casualty investigation?  Adam Davis Law Firm can help.  


  • Application for Merchant Mariner Credential 


Adam advises mariners about their merchant mariner credentials and handles Form CG-719 submission (and supporting documentation) by acting on a mariner’s behalf until his/or her credential is issued.  


Adam also works with employers to ensure their licensed personnel timely and properly apply for their merchant mariner credentials. Employers benefit from this service by mitigating the time loss and regulatory risks associated with an unlicensed merchant mariner.


Adam is on his third issuance of his merchant mariner credential license and understands the challenges and inconveniences associated with merchant mariner credential renewals and submissions. 


Call Adam at (504) 553-1435 for a free consultation.  Adam Davis Law Firm provides affordable flat fee pricing for this practice area. 


  • Marine Casualty Investigations


If you or your employee is involved in a marine casualty investigation, you should promptly engage an experienced marine casualty attorney.  Adam regularly represents vessel owners, energy companies and mariners with investigations and enforcement actions by the U.S. Coast Guard, NTSB, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Department of Justice. Call Adam at (504) 553-1435 if you need assistance from an experienced marine casualty attorney. 

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